Bryan and Craig are MARRIED!!!

May 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

Bryan and Craig are two amazing guys! I met them threw Dino, a former client who’s wedding I shot in Mexico years before! (Thanks for the referral Dino! I meet the best clients thru former awesome clients like you!)

Anyway Brian told me all the basic facts about the wedding. How it was in Connecticut, and how My travel package was less expensive than the local photographers up there! :-) That made me happy. I was also honest with Bryan and told him that this would be my first gay wedding. Though it didn't make a difference to me because all I see is love, I wanted to be honest to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. Not even sure what mistakes there could be to make, I still wanted to make sure I had it right so I told him I would come up the day before to shoot the rehearsal dinner as well. 
Now don't get me wrong I've shot same-sex couples before, as well as proposals, and even parades. But how would be photographing a wedding? Well for one there is no dress or garter to photograph. Also there was no crazy long curly hair or make up to have to worry about. It was beautiful to watch them get ready together. Being able to share the whole day with someone else rather than just half of it is something I will recommend to every bride and groom, or groom and groom or bride and bride!
It doesn't make the surprise less special when you see that person walked down the aisle.

These two days we so magical.


Such a fun wedding party!!!

All in all the day went flawlessly. Every fear I secretly had inside about messing up was gone within the first hour of meeting Brian and Craig. I shouldn't have made it worry about their genders, and wish I could have gone back to tell myself it's the same as every other wedding you've ever shot. It's all about the love.
Love is a single soul inhabiting two bodies regardless of what gender these bodies are. It was an honor to witness their wedding! You both truly deserve this fairytale happy ending. And on a sidenote, it is rare for a wedding to win one of my mental awards that I give out when I secretly judge weddings! Sometimes I will say something like, this wedding had the best dress, or these were the best crabcakes I'm ever had! But your wedding won categories!
You had the best appetizers of any wedding I have ever shot! You had the best DJ thing I've ever heard outside of Florida! And your crowd had the most energy and kept going longer than any wedding I have ever seen!
Also if you would like to see more of these wedding pictures please visit our Facebook page and make sure you like us! :-) We like you!
:-) And please feel free to tell your friends about our company, we travel to the ends of the earth to do what we do and word damn proud of it!




You're brilliant and so glad you got the better of that ignorant couple.All over Facebook now... xx
1.Kenneth Vanderburg(non-registered)
Congrats on the way you handled that customer, love the GLADD DONATION. you guys are a class act. More businesses should do the same as you. Bless y'all
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